Periodontal Services

& Periodontal Therapy

Patients with a diagnosis of periodontal disease have much to consider regarding treatment. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection caused by one or more of 11 different pathogens (bacteria). The supporting structures of the mouth, the gum tissue and bone, are affected by these bacterial groups. Our office uses a multi faceted approach to treating gum disease at every stage. Our office utilizes cutting edge technology to diagnose the specific pathogens that are the causative agent for each individuals periodontal disease. Bacterial DNA analysis is completed by providing a medical laboratory with samples of the bacterial flora that resides in the deep periodontal pockets identified by periodontal probing at the dental hygiene prevention appointment. Our office proudly utilizes the Micro-ID System to provide patients with specific data regarding the Micro-ID System. Follow the link for more information.

Our office chooses to address periodontal disease with the use of a Perio Protect tray therapy for 3-4 weeks prior to initiating scaling and root planing therapy (which removes hard deposits or calculus from the teeth and root surfaces above and below the gum line). Cleaning these deposits from the root and crown structure of the teeth further reduce the overall bacterial counts. Ultrasonic instrumentation aids in the process of breaking up bacterial colonies and further reducing the biofilm that the bacteria survive in. Once the affected areas have been treated with the above cited techniques the patient completes the specified antibiotic regimen outlined by the Micro-ID laboratory report and continues home care with the Perio Protect System. Re-evaluation is completed at the 3 month interval.

Numerous research studies have linked periodontal disease and systemic disease states. Medicine and dentistry have been further pushed closer to a common goal to provide health and quality of life to our mutual patients.