Perio Protect

Perio Protect® is an FDA approved, non-invasive adjunctive therapy for the treatment of gum disease. Perio Protect® was voted one of the top 10 greatest inventions to come to dentistry in the last 25 years when it debuted. The system utilizes a soft flexible tray with an engineered seal that is used to contain and control the active ingredient to manage the patients biofilm and bacteria colonies in the periodontal pocket. The simplicity of the system is truly brilliant by design. The main active ingredient utilized in the tray is a hydrogen peroxide gel. While additional medications can be utilized in the tray, the hydrogen peroxide gel functions by breaking up the smear layer or biofilm that the bacteria resides in. Furthermore, the hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent that uses the cell walls of non-oxygen requiring bacteria.

These bacterial types known as anaerobic bacterial groups are responsible for the most aggressive bone loss process in periodontal disease. A secondary effect of the process provides development of blood vasculature into the affected/infected tissues more readily. The Perio Protect® System has been shown to be an effective adjunct to patient’s home care as well by aiding in continued prevention of further disease progression.

Although the Perio Protect® System largely focuses on periodontal disease, it has been shown to help reduce decay rates.

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