Dental Technology


This innovative digital impressioning technology allows us to capture data without traditional impression material in the mouth. Beyond comfort and convenience, this software provides accuracy far and beyond what traditional methods can provide.

3D Printer

Technological advances in the dental industry over the past twenty-five years have allowed us to streamline workflow, increase patient comfort and provide a level of unparalleled quality. Our office is equipped with a 3D printer allowing us to print models and appliances in house. This piece of technology puts our office on the cutting edge of technological innovation utilized in dentistry.

CBCT Cone Beam

CBCT Cone Beam is the dental version of a limited CAT scan. Traditional dental radiographs (x-rays) appear as two-dimensional films that leave operators to assume what is occurring in a three dimensional view. This revolutionary scanning technology allows us to identify root fractures in teeth, and view dental structures in a more detailed fashion, allowing for better curation and design.

More importantly, CBCT Cone Beam allows for digital treatment planning for implant restorations. This technology allows the clinician to place the implant in the optimal position. Without this technology, implant placement becomes a best guess scenario. If you are interested in implants, we invite you to stop by for a consultation, and to demonstrate how we are integrating this software to optimize your treatment.