Braces & Early Intervention Orthodontics

Early intervention treatment occurs younger than most people perceive to bring a child in for dentition evaluation. Treatment at a younger age can provide tremendous results. It can allow for the expansion of bone, promotion of growth, and in the long run possibly eliminate the need for follow up interventions (traditional braces).

Most people in society have gained insight to the various programs available for straightening teeth. Mainstream media has introduced many to the idea of Invisalign or clearforce aligners. We utilize similar systems in our office to provide orthodontic end results, without the use of traditional bands and brackets. Patients wishing for Invisalign or clearforce aligner movement, should schedule a consultation with Dr. LaTocha to determine eligibility. There are many factors that help to decipher whether or not these aligners are the optimal orthodontic treatment option for each individual patient.


Traditional straight wire braces allow for tooth movement by bonding the brackets in the ideal position on the tooth. As the patient advances through treatment, the diameter of the arch wire is increased to provide the force necessary for tooth movement. Patients that are not eligible for our clearforce aligner systems may consider the more traditional approach to orthodontic treatment, which still offers cosmetic and hygienic benefits. Please schedule a consultation to determine which orthodontic treatment options may be best suited for you.