Office Outreach

Donation, involvement

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Our office is very passionate about this cause, and holds an annual fundrasier for St. Jude. In previous years we have raised over $3,500 in donations to fund children’s cancer research. We will continue our efforts to support the health and wellness needs of children and their families.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention - Proud Donor

Breanna’s Ride

We are proud donors to this cause, which supports and raises awareness for suicide prevention.

Proud Donor

North Country Sportsman's Club Veterans Hunt

We have previously donated eighty 2X4 boards for volunteers to construct deer blinds to be used during the veteran’s hunt, put on by the North Country Sportsman’s Club.

Proud Donor

Alanson Fire Department

We see the value of the hard working members of the Alanson Fire Department, and support their valiant efforts to keep the community safe.

Veterans Affairs

Our office participates with the VA to provide more convenient access to care for local veterans. We are a VA approved dental contractor, providing care and services to disabled veterans. We value the dedication and service that veterans have provided for our country, and are proud to support them here at Straits Area Dental.

Alanson Schools

Agricultural Education

We support and facilitate learning experiences for local students. We partner with the Alanson Agriculture Education Department to offer learning opportunities about tapping and harvesting maple syrup, and honey bee apiary (bee keeping) operations.

Proud Donor

Tunnel To Towers Foundation

The Tunnel To Towers Foundation was started in memory of Firefighter Stephen Siller, who sacrificed his life on September 11th, 2001 to save and rescue others by running through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers. The Siller family was inspired to show heroes and the loved ones they have left behind that we will never forget.

The Tunnel To Towers Foundation’s mission is to “do good”. They actively pursue their mission by building specially-adapted custom designed smart homes for catastrophically injured veterans, and also provides mortgage-free homes to Gold Star, and fallen first responder families with young children.